About Drive Out Suicide

Drive Out Suicide is a suicide prevention and awareness program created by Prevent Suicide PA. Prevent Suicide PA believes everyone can play large roles in suicide prevention through every day means. Drive Out Suicide capitalizes on the driving many Pennsylvanians complete on a daily basis by recognizing that individuals struggling with suicidal ideations and individuals trying to help loved ones are all around us. Drive Out Suicide targets the average person with two messages: first, that help is available for people who are considering suicide, and second, that we can work together to decrease suicides in PA. Drive Out Suicide participants place suicide prevention magnets or window clings on their vehicles to raise awareness, spread resources, and spark hope as they conduct their normal driving in their communities.

Words from our drivers…

“I had many conversations, including one with another mother who lost her son to suicide. We both wished that there had been something such as what I was doing with the window cling before our sons died by suicide”

“Every time I looked in the rear view mirror, I thought of my son and other families touched by suicide. The way people approached me or welcomed my approach to talk about suicide was staggering. It was an honor to do this.”

“While my husband waited for me in a parking lot, a woman tapped on the window and thanked him for having the Lifeline number on the car. She told him years ago her brother had died by suicide and he had no number to call.”

“I left some cards under my wiper blade while I went to a doctor’s appointment and found a note left on my car. It read, ‘Thanks. My brother can really use this. I didn’t know how to help.’ While I was sorry to hear this person’s brother was in need, I was heartened to know that because of this campaign, hope and support are offered.”

“I know the message got a lot of visibility and I hope and pray someone was helped.”

“At a red light, a man on a motorcycle pointed to the back of our vehicle and said, ‘Got a card?’ we gave him one, the light turned green, and he rode off.”

“The cling has helped me too as a gentle reminder when I look in my rear view mirror. Seeing its message keeps me motivated.”

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